Does your water smell like rotten eggs or have a metallic taste? Do you see orange, black, or blue-green stains in your sink? Are there crusty white deposits on your shower head or faucets?

These are classic signs that your home water filtration system is not doing its job. Other signs that your water system is not functioning properly include running out of water, low water pressure, or water pressure that pulses and sputters.

The problem may be a component that has failed due to age or lack of maintenance, or changes to the quality of water coming into your home.

Determining the underlying cause for your home water system’s problem is critical. All components of your system work together, and parts which are not working properly should be replaced before they lead to even more expensive repairs.

It is also possible that your current pump and water filtration system may need to be modified to address unexpected changes to the quality of your well water. Underground aquifers and water tables are vulnerable to changes that can affect water quality and your well’s ability to “make water” over time.

If you think that something may be wrong with your pump and water filtration system, the worst thing you can do is nothing. The problem will not fix itself, and you may be putting your family’s health at risk.

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